Helping you find the meaning when things get messy.


My name is Sarah Sirbasku Williams, PhD and I am a psychologist, life coach, tutor, educational consultant and advocate.  These are all the roles I take when I help clients find ways to improve their lives. Meaningful Mess Life Coaching and Therapy is where I do my work.

A few personal things about me:   I love to laugh and tend to laugh quite loudly.  I have a PhD in clinical psychology and have been in private practice for 17 years.  I love eating chocolate chip cookies, going swimming, crafting, working on my planner, and hanging out with my pets.  Although, not necessarily all at the same time.  I am a psychologist for clients who are dealing mental health issues, such as anxiety, ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorders, and depression.  I coach adolescents and adults who need help reaching goals or who are dealing with a major life transition, such as going off to college, changing careers, getting back into the workforce after a break, and retiring.  I also coach children, teenagers, and adults on executive functioning skills, which include planning, prioritizing, organization, time management, sustained attention, task initiation, working memory, emotional control, study skills, and metacognition. I tutor students in test preparation (for tests like the SAT, ACT, college placement exams, and GRE) and in college planning.  I tutor psychology graduate students in courses they are taking, comprehensive exams, and all the various stages of dissertations. I am an educational consultant for families that have a child receiving IEP or 504 services at school.  As an educational advocate, I help prepare parents for school IEP meetings, review IEP goals and accommodations, and attend IEP meetings with the family.

I am a Certified Martha Beck Life Coach, helping teenagers and adults who are going through major life transitions.  With life coaching, some of clients I have worked with include:  A woman who was retiring from her career of the last 30 years and was both excited and terrified about what to do next.   A college student that was getting ready to graduate but was lost when she thought about what career to pursue.   A high school student who wanted to go to college, but was not sure how to even begin to work toward that goal.   A woman who was in a serious car accident and had to learn how to live her life in a wheel chair.   These are all people who felt stuck by their life circumstances and are now thriving and growing in new directions.  Myself, I have had a fair share of both painful and exciting life events.  I wasn’t always so graceful as I navigated my way through life transitions and often ended up increasing my pain through the stories that I told myself about what all of this meant about me.  I want to help you get through your life transition with the least suffering possible and on a path towards a new life that feels good to you.  Together, we can discover and build on your strengths.   And in the process, help you find the meaning in your messy situation.

I consider myself a compassionate motivator, accepting of where you are now while still encouraging you to reach for those changes that will help you feel better and make life more rewarding for you.   I have an ability to recognize and appreciate the smallest increments of change. I am really good at helping people make tiny changes in what seems to be an unfixable situation.   The tiny changes add up until you no longer feel stuck, trapped, or baffled.  Rather, you begin to feel capable, confident, and hopeful about the future.  My absolute favorite part of life coaching is seeing someone achieve a goal that he or she thought was impossible.  Witnessing the amazement followed by pride as this new level of achievement is reached… it fills my heart and soul.  It is work that I love.

If you are wanting to contact me regarding becoming a client, please use the New Client Inquiry form on the Contact page.

Thank you!

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