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How do you Stay Connected?

So, my internet went down.  The router stopped communicating with something somewhere.  And my world froze.  I realized how much I depend on that silly internet.  It wasn’t that I could not check Amazon for that new book or see what everyone was saying on Facebook .  (Although, honestly, that did bug me too.)  The more I thought about it, I knew that it was actually about feeling connected in this huge world.

The importance of feeling connected cannot be overstated.  Feeling invisible is awful. Feeling disconnected can lead to anxiety and depression.  We all desire to feel seen and heard in the world. Loneliness is a sign that you are craving connection.

How can we connect with others in the midst of our busy lives?  There’s all the social media: Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Pinterest, and Instagram.  Then there are emails, texts, chats online, phone calls, Skype, and Facetime. You can attend a Meetup or join a book club. You can write letters,  meet up for coffee, run errands together, invite someone to a movie, or join up for a meal.

All of these are ways to reach out and stay connected to others in this big world.

In what ways do you stay connected? 

 (Originally posted on December 5, 2012 at 12:44 pm)
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