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What Are You Waiting For?

Do you sometimes have problems getting started on that important project or working toward that long-term goal?   Are you waiting to get started?  We have all done it… Made the excuses and given the reasons that it just isn’t time yet.

I’ll start when…

  • I’m completely ready.
  • I have all the things I need to finish.
  • My life is more calm.
  • I’m not so distracted.
  • I’m caught up on everything else.
  • My in-box is empty.
  • I know more, study more, or train more.
  • I am more organized.
  • I’m less busy.
  • I have more time.

These may be the overt reasons that we give for not starting on something that is important to us.   However, there is usually a fear underlying these reasons.    This could be a fear of failing, not measuring up, letting others down, embarrassing ourselves, or feeling incompetent.   Avoiding the project allows us to avoid feeling the fear.  If we never start, we can’t really fail.

Except that we miss out on opportunities and successes.   We lose out on experiences.   Staying in this safe and comfortable zone keeps us from growing in new and exciting ways.   And this can lead to a bad case of the “What Ifs?” and a great deal of regret.

So, what have you been waiting to start?    What are you waiting for?

 (Originally posted on November 9, 2012 at 12:16 pm)
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