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What If You Could Not Fail?



Well, for one, I’d write this first blog post.     I wouldn’t worry about what the audience would think.   I wouldn’t listen to my inner critic (a very vocal and bossy lizard named Frederick) when he asks, “Who are you to have a message to share?”

I wouldn’t get stuck on the first page of the journal, the first paragraph of the story, the first steps of the journey.   I would dive in, head first, blissfully in the moment… with no concern for “What’s next?”  I would let all the words spill from my brain and onto the page, my internal editor sent to lunch.

Fears quieted and love unfolding, I would write.  My opinions, thoughts, feelings – all worth being shared.  The exposure, vulnerability, transparency – all worth the risk.

So with this, my first blog, I welcome you to the meaning within my mess.

Sincerely, Dr. Sarah

(originally published on October 30, 2012 at 10:46 am)




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  • Great post! I wish I couldn’t fail. Maybe then I would have written my first app, or started my first web site, or … How can I do those things when if can fail (and I most certainly can do that)?

  • … as evidenced by the typo in my comment. 🙁


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