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SPOTLIGHT: College Transition Services

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Over the last 20 years, I have worked with many young adults as they made decisions about what career to pursue and what college would best prepare them. I am very experienced in helping people to determine their strengths, interests, and skills. Then we use this information and work together on discovering potential career paths and the schools that are good matches. I am able to help get your student excited by the possibilities and motivated to do the necessary work.

We then navigate the crazy maze that is college admissions, developing a step-by-step plan and schedule for all of the testing, applications, essays, recommendation letters, transcript copies, and other NUMEROUS details involved. I help to break down assignments into very manageable pieces, which can significantly decrease the level of stress and anxiety brought on by the college application process. This allows the student to easily keep track of what he or she needs to be working on at any given time. (And I can also help with the essays needed for college and scholarship applications, helping your student get started and editing the written essays.)

One of the biggest stressors during the college application process is taking the SAT, ACT, or both!  I have extensive experience working with students on preparing for these exams. My executive functioning coaching background helps me to address numerous skills that students need to excel. These include time management, problem-solving, memory strategies, information management, planning, motivation, organization, mental flexibility, task initiation, verbal reasoning, and management of negative thinking – skills that are extremely helpful for taking exams such as the SAT and ACT. But even better, they transfer over to improving performance on coursework, future careers, and life in general!

As well as providing tutoring on the content areas assessed by the SAT or ACT, I incorporate specific information about the exam format, study strategies, testing techniques, time management, problem solving, and coping skills for test anxiety. I also create a customized study schedule that includes what and when to study from now up until the exam date. In my experience, all of these elements work together to help a student feel less dread about the exam and become more confident about his or her ability to do well.

In addition to working with college-bound teenagers, I also feel very comfortable working with college students that are applying to graduate school and adults who want to return to school after working or raising children. I truly enjoy working with students during this challenging life phase.

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